Posted by: kristabella | November 6, 2006

Phucking Phins

This post doesn’t really have anything to do with the Bears. But they did just lose to the Dolphins. And I’m not too upset by it because we knew they weren’t going undefeated. And really? Who fucking cares if they go 13-3 and lose in the first playoff game? (see the Indianapolis Colts)

So I’m here in the land where Disney threw up. Kids. Everywhere. That’s pretty much all that are on flights to Orlando. And the crazy people in Milwaukee (more on the wedding later in the week) traveling with four kids decided to give their offspring Cinnabon. At 7 AM. The sugar! On a plane! At the buttcrack of dawn! For the love of Pete!

They were actually well-behaved. Or I was still drunk from the wedding so I didn’t even notice them. They sat right behind me. The one girl who was about 7, was trying to draw a map of the United States. And she got so upset. “Mom, it’s SO hard to draw! I can’t dooooo it!” (Nice and whiny and full of tears. And by the way, that kid is SO me.)

All I can say about being here is…….the weather is beautiful. I’m not in the hotel where everyone else is. I’m part of the overflow team, down the street at the Ghetto Western. The Hilton is MUCH nicer. Only good thing about the skanky hotel? A certain tall, yummily handsome sales guy who is also staying here with me. (Please wait while I wipe the drool off the business center keyboard.)

Hopefully we’ll have more to share on that later in the week. And maybe my attitude will improve. But I doubt that. Is it Thursday yet?



  1. Looks like my Phins phucked up ‘Da Bears’ – ah, what a shame.

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