Posted by: kristabella | November 4, 2006

The Password is Blank

I’m back bitches! And better than ever. (Not really. But I am feeling a ton better. Thanks to all my well wishers!) I’ve come to realize when I’m not 100%, I’m not funny or creative or any of those kind of things. (Hell, I’m not really all that when I AM 100%) Which is part of the reason I haven’t written as much lately. But I can’t keep the fans waiting any longer!

Oh, and my job sucks.

So while I wait for my nail polish to dry, here are just some random things I would like to share.

  • I have no news with the “rude” neighbor on the first floor. Although, I did run into a few people in the laundry room and was SO wanting to ask if they live in my building.
  • The new chick that moved in across from me out my back door has a hammock on her back porch. Now, I’m not against hammocks. But she moved in like 3 weeks ago. And this, is not hammock weather.
  • Said hammock chick also sits out on her balcony and smokes and has scared the bejeezus out of me a few times already.
  • The Bears game last Sunday was AWESOME! For numerous reasons.
    1. Da Bears kicked ASS! In orange jerseys (which I haven’t decided if I like or not, but they always win against the Niners in orange, so orange it is!)
    2. It was 24-0 at the end of the FIRST quarter
    3. They play the Bears fight song (Bear Down, not to be confused with the U of A fight song, which is called FALL Down Arizona) after every score. Which means, after a 41-10 game, I now know the words. Only took me 29 years.
    4. The Niners got spanked. Woot!
  • Hotel bars are awesome! I HAD to hang out last Friday night in the Niners team hotel to pick up the tickets. And I had a grand old time (minus watching the fucking Cardinals win the World Series.) I met some really cool people, including this dude from Boston, who should be reading this blog. (I’m a shameless self-promoter. It gets worse after a few Blue Moons) (By the way, cool people usually translates to “bought me drinks”)
  • Speaking of Blue Moon (it’s a beer, people), I can’t drink it anymore. The last few times I’ve had larger quantities, I’ve gotten really sick and have had the WORST hangovers. Well, maybe it’s because I’m getting old.
  • I’m blaming it on Blue Moons!
  • But damn they’re tasty
  • Uttered by someone (maybe me) at work yesterday: “If I wasn’t already a drunk, this place would drive me to drink.”
  • Also uttered by someone (after standing ALL day putting binders together and walking back and forth) “These boots are NOT made for walking! Suck it Nancy Sinatra!”
  • I’m addicted to the Game Show Network. Although, that’s not really a new thing. I filled my bed-ridden sick days with hours of Card Sharks, Super Password, Family Feud and The Match Game ’74. I love it so much I could blank.
  • There are weird, weird commercials on during daytime TV. But on GSN? NO political ads. Only Montel telling people about some prescription bus for people who can’t afford medicine????
  • Speaking of political ads, I’m a horrible American. Since I’m out of town on election day, and didn’t think ahead, I won’t be voting in this election. And that makes me sad.
  • But then again, there isn’t much to pick from here in IL. It’s like choosing between shoving pins in my eyes, or having sex with Dr. York. Pins in the eyes it is.
  • I am going to a wedding in Milwaukee tonight. I’m not all that excited about it. And it’s not because of the wedding. It’s because I know that after the good times at the wedding, I’m on a plane to Orlando. For work. To baby sit grown men. Inside. And it’s 80. IN NOVEMBER.

Well, since I’m going to be gone for the next five days, I should probably pack. And get ready for this wedding tonight.

Hopefully I’ll have some down time and some good stories to share from Orlando! Peace out!



  1. Hotel bars are also great for meeing good looking blonde chicks that like to drink and curse. Can’t wait to return to Chicago

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