Posted by: kristabella | November 1, 2006

Larry, Moe, Curly and Strep

I know you’ve all been sitting there, constantly refreshing going “when is there going to be a NEW post?” or “Where the hell is all the funny?” or “Is she dead?”

Well, wait no more.

Oh, and I’ve been home sick. With strep throat and a touch of the flu. Isn’t that loverly?

And you know what? I’m a horrible pussy when I’m sick. I mean, where’s your mom when you need her? Oh right, at work, earning money to loan me because I don’t make any. But I do whine a lot, so that’s the sole reason why I didn’t post. Who wants to read that shit? And because it hurt to move. And swallow. And you know what, don’t tell me to drink more fluids. I KNOW this. But it huuuuurts! (See, still sick = still whiny)

But that’s where I’ve been. It hasn’t been writer’s block (hell to the no! In fact, the opposite because I actually have some stories to share from the weekend AND I didn’t even have the energy to post yesterday on how much I HATE Halloween!)

So stay tuned because not only am I sick, it’s also the busiest week at work with the huge sales meeting next week. My job is totally ruining my short-lived blogging career.




  1. Beer + watching the Bears run over my Dolphins = feel better solution for K to the J.

  2. Yeah, and although I’ll be in Orlando, I’ll be in a hotel lounge stuffing welcome packets. A Bears win would help. But I’m still going to be grumpy. 🙂

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