Posted by: kristabella | October 26, 2006

Shrieeeeek at the Moon

So this past Saturday night, me and my bitches went to Howl at the Moon. Yeah, I know it’s totally like a touristy place to go, but it is SO much fun. I mean, the songs they play are great. You get to sing along drunkenly at the top of your lungs. People without rhythm ALWAYS want to go up and play the tambourine and it totally takes them a few minutes to figure out it’s TIED TO THE PIANO. (Utter hilarity every time!) The piano players are awesome! (We’re former band geeks, remember?) We ALWAYS have a good time when we go.

I think why Howl is great here, is that Chicago is a big city and full of talent – actors, singers, musicians, sports teams, etc. So it’s not like you’re going to a piano bar in, like, Des Moines. And the reason I know this is because I’ve been here. And it isn’t even close to Howl. I mean, they try real hard, but when it comes down to it, they’re in Wisconsin (read: Cheeseheads.) (Just to clarify, Cheeseheads = BAD; cheese = GOOOOOOOD)

The best part is the people watching at Howl. And last Saturday was NO different. It was apparently 40-year old birthday night. There was seriously about 10 different women celebrating the big FOUR-OH. And most of them came from out of town. And they were having a great time, going nuts singing and dancing. Which, 40-year old women dancing on stage in a bar is something definitely worthy of mocking. Lots of mocking. (Look, I didn’t say I was a good person.)

THEN there were the women who looked to be about my age, maybe a few years older (eye cream ladies). They were either still stuck in the 80s or totally STOKED that they could dust off their 80s gear now that it’s back “in style.” And I say that loosely. Because, to quote my girl Darcie, “If you did it the first time around, you should NOT do it the second time around.” This was particularly aimed at the chick with crimped hair. CRIMPED. I know, I know…..80s fashion is “in.” Skinny jeans, leggings, etc. This is BAD CLOTHING, PEOPLE! So I’m thinking the crimper should have gone the way of the poodle skirt and powdered wigs. Only brought out at Halloween.

But Crimped Hair was not to be outdone by her sidekick. This chick full on embraced the 80s generation in one single outfit. She had a skirt like a checkered flag (and not much bigger mind you) with GREEN leggings! Green LEGGINGS! Complete, end-at-the-ankle-with-bare-foot-in-black-flats, leggings. What in the sam hell is going on in this world?

See? NO good can come with bringing this shit back!

I mean, seriously, how could you not love this place?

I apparently had a GREAT time, from what my friends told me the next day. We stayed out until about 2 and then of course needed something to eat, so stopped at the diner in my ‘hood. (Pigs in a blanket anyone?) Thankfully for my friend Schwerer, I had Wham!’s Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go stuck in my head. But only the “jitterbug” part. And of course the chorus and the “I wanna hit that hiiigh!” line. Which at almost 3 AM and 5 buckets of Miller Lites later, I couldn’t hit that hiiiiigh! But, man I sure got a gold star for trying!

Thankfully, it’s winter and windows are closed. Otherwise, some old lady might have thrown a shoe at me or something.


Wake Me Up When Bad Fashion is Gone



  1. heheheheheheeee………….Wham has pretty hair.

  2. Dude, I think there’s an unwritten rule about being the first comment to your own post. 🙂

    Did you get them to play, “Stick the Pitchfork Up Someone’s Ass,” or whatever the ASU fight song is called? See lots of wang horns and other ridiculous bachelorette party get-up? I love Howl at the Moon. Plus, you know exactly when it’s time to leave; when they play a song you’ve already heard.

    Green leggings? Actually, I shouldn’t have ended that with a question mark since I saw some at a street festival. No wait, that was green pantyhose. Anyway, I’m with Go Fug Yourself on leggings = DOWNGRADE!!!!

  3. I know, but I couldn’t get over that photo. And the hair. 🙂

    They did not play the ASU fight song this time. It was like $40 to beat Texas or soomeone. And I love the Devils, but I have a coaster that plays the fight song for free at home.

    I did get them to play it a few months ago, it was only $5. And I only did it because I didn’t think they would know it.

    No wang horns. No bachelor/bachelorette parties AT ALL. It was all 40-year old birthday celebrations. It was weird.

  4. I LOVE HOWL!!!
    We’ll have to go when I am in CHI-town again!
    too bad my piano loverboy is gay!

  5. I like your blog and the way you communicate your Ideas. Nice Blog.

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