Posted by: kristabella | October 25, 2006

Where Oh Where Have My F’ing Sunglasses Gone?

So I’ve lost my fucking sunglasses. Shouldn’t be that big of a deal, since I have about 12 pairs. But this was THE pair. I’ve had them for about 6 years, and they are awesome. They probably cost a total of $12. But that’s not the point. They looked good, were dark enough, blah, blah, blah.

But I wore them into work yesterday. Then wore them to the car last night. And sometime during the ride home, I put them in the little area below the cup holders. Where the other 3 pairs of sunglasses are (and those three are mediocre at best.) And during the 2-hour drive home, they slid off. This happens all the time. Too many sunglasses. Too little space.

But they usually land on the floor in front of the passenger seat. I mean, where the hell else would they go?

But…..they. Aren’t. THERE! When I leave the house, it’s dark (don’t ya love winter?) So halfway through my horrible commute this morning, sun comes out and I NEED my sunglasses. I have very sensitive retinas. (Shut it! My eye doctor told me so!) So I reached around for them, while driving, but couldn’t find them. So I’m thinking “that’s fine, I’ll find them when I get to work.” And this is why there is more than one pair of sunglasses in the car. For just this reason!

So I get to work and guess what?? NOT THERE! Seriously. I checked under the seats. EVERYWHERE. WHERE THE FUCK COULD THEY BE????

 So now, I’m hoping I can find yet another awesome pair at Wal-Mart or Target this afternoon. Because this is just unacceptable.

Editor’s Note: FOUND ‘EM! And no, not on the top of my head (thank you very much). Apparently I didn’t look EVERYWHERE.



  1. did you just say you did a “reach around” in the car? that’s pretty hot, and agile too.

    and have you looked on top of your head for your glasses? they are probably there.

  2. Yeah, I found them. Not too coherent in the morning.

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